About Regulatory Solutions Group

Our values:

We value civil society. We believe that regulators and governments need to manage risks that matter to people. We want our society to remain civil.

Our commitment to clients:

We focus on risk management, specifically how regulatory organizations can benefit from explicit, practical risk methodologies.

We apply the experience gained from other areas of regulation, but we're always sensitive to the unique context of your organization and jurisdiction.

We'll help you integrate risk thinking into your organization - so you won't need to call us again, unless you really want to.

Regulatory Solutions Group is a Toronto-based consulting firm that specializes in helping regulators and other public sector organizations manage risks in the public interest.

We offer the skills, judgment and experience to help you confront the challenges of regulatory risk management.

Led by principal team member Connie McCandless, RGS works closely with you and your staff to help you achieve your objectives.

When complementary skills are needed to support its clients, RSG works with its trusted associates.

Jason Robinson provides technology support for RSG's web-based tools.

Summary biographies are included below.

Connie McCandless

Connie McCandless is RSG's Managing Partner and principal consultant. She helps RSG clients clarify complex risk situations, identify core issues and opportunities, and develop and accomplish their regulatory goals.

A former Ontario Government Information Technology executive and consultant to central strategy and policy groups, she has first-hand experience with public sector risk management. She also has private sector experience with large and small companies in financial services, accounting, consulting, manufacturing and distribution. Based on her previous executive coaching work, she has insights into communication and behavior that she applies to the people-side of risk management.

Her education includes a BSc Psychology, a B Math and an MBA.

Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson is the web architect and developer responsible for the architecture and development of RSG's web-based risk management tools.

He is the founder of PlanetYou, a design firm specializing in the development of interactive products and services. PlanetYou's clients include UNESCO, UNICEF Canada, Save the Children Canada and the Boys and Girls Clubs. Jason's experiences also include consulting for IDEO Product Development and co-founding a medical information start-up, MCard Inc.

Jason Robinson is a graduate of Stanford University with a BSc degree from the School of Engineering and a Master's degree from the School of Education.