Regulatory links & resources

Notable web resources for regulators

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A primary aim of the Reg-Markets Center is to gain a deeper understanding of how markets, laws and regulation contribute to economic well-being.

» Australian Standard 4360 risk management portal
The Risk Reports under "Articles" are also worth reading.

» Benard + Associates

Looking for regulatory-specific experience for important investigations and mediation work? Speak to Dean Benard.

Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation at the London School of Economics.

Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation.

» Guide to Making Federal Acts and Regulations, Canada
These are the notes you'd want if you had to cram for an exam on regulation.

» Institute for Risk Management
Has a risk focus that includes societal risks, unlike many North American risk groups.

This Government of Canada's portal to sites in Canada and elsewhere dealing with regulation

» Standards, Codes and Guidelines

This is an Industry Canada site with good information about standards, codes and guidelines, core elements of the regulatory framework in many jurisdictions

» The SmartTape Centre for Regulatory Innovation
This site is published by The Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC).

» Vanhorne Institute
Focuses on economic regulation in the areas of transportation and resource development.